The University considers all aspects of your application, not simply your qualifications 而且 grades. 爱游戏app会看你的个人陈述, reference 而且 any relevant experience (particularly for professional courses where this may be required) as well as your academic background 而且 performance. 你的申请是你展示你的承诺的机会, 动机, enthusiasm 而且 evidence that you can benefit from study at higher education level.


在爱游戏app苹果下载学习, 正常情况下,你开始学习这门课程时必须至少年满18岁. If by that date you are under 18, but at least 17, you can still study at the University. 然而, 这样的话, we will need your parents or guardians to agree to some extra safeguards because you are still legally a minor. You must also satisfy the entry requirements of the course you wish to study. All applicants will need to demonstrate that they have the maturity 而且 personal skills to study 而且 live independently in a higher education environment.


There are a wide range of acceptable entry qualifications 而且 the following list is by no means exhaustive. It is designed to provide a sample of some of the main qualifications that applicants present for entry. Applicants are advised to contact the 招生办公室 if they have any specific questions about qualifications that do not appear on this list. 更多的信息可以在www相关课程页面上找到 每门课程都有特定的入学要求, 以UCAS关税表示, 虽然目前不在关税范围内的资格将被考虑在内. C而且idates may offer qualifications in combination to achieve the required total.

The tariff requirements for specific courses can be found on the relevant course page in the University prospectus 而且 the website.



通常至少通过两个GCE a Level考试.

Advanced supplementary (AS) Level achievements may be counted towards the tariff requirement but applicants will not be disadvantaged if they do not take them.


Considered either on their own (Extended Diploma or Diploma) or in combination with other qualifications (Subsidiary Diploma or Certificate) to meet the tariff requirements.


Considered either on their own (Diploma or Extended Diploma) or in combination with other qualifications (Certificate).


Successful completion of a relevant QAA-recognised Access Diploma is acceptable (60 credits with at least 45 at Level 3). Some courses may require the achievement of some Level 3 credits at Merit or Distinction.


Tariff point requirements can be met through the achievement of the 威尔士学士学位, 包括核心, 并将按适当的关税计算.


Four higher grade passes at Grade C are regarded as the minimum entry requirements, 但关税范围内的所有条件都将被考虑.


Four to five higher/honours grade passes at Grade C are required, as a minimum condition of entry.


Applicants offering NVQ Level 3 will be considered 而且 may be asked to complete supplementary work. 类似的, Technical Certificates for those following Advanced Modern 学徒制 will be considered on an individual basis, 特别是与预定课程的相关性.


可以接受,前提是通过优异水平. Some subjects/courses may require a Distinction grade, 而且 possibly an additional A Level.


A minimum score of 24 points is necessary in the International Baccalaureate 而且 a minimum score of 60% in the European Baccalaureate. 某些课程可能会设置更高的入门级别.




关键技能 at Level 2 are viewed as an enhancement of a student’s application but cannot be accepted as satisfaction of subject-specific requirements.


These qualifications are normally acceptable in part satisfaction of the entry requirements.


The 爱游戏app苹果下载 does not currently intend to use the 英语学士学位 as an entry requirement. 是否有特定的科目或年级要求, these will be clearly stated in the relevant prospectus entry 而且 on the University website.


国际学生 will need to demonstrate evidence of study at a level equivalent to the general entry requirements.


We welcome applicants who hold alternative qualifications/experience different to those shown in this section who can demonstrate the ability to benefit from the course 而且 show their potential to complete the course successfully. 虽然最近的预备学习在适当的水平(e.g. a Access course)是推荐的, students may be considered on the basis of prior evidenced professional/work experience 而且/or other assessment procedures, 以及个人适宜性的评估.

University Admissions staff will be able to offer information, advice 而且 guidance on this process.


The following qualifications satisfy the English Language requirements for admission to the University, 虽然有些课程可能要求更高的分数:

  • 国际英语语言测试系统(雅思) – 6.0,最小值为5.每个组件5个
  • 剑桥高级英语证书(CAE) - 52或以上或cefrb2或以上
  • 剑桥英语第一证书 - C级或以上,技能不低于D级或2级
  • 皮尔逊英语(学术)考试 -总分59分或以上, 4项技能(听力)中任何一项不低于51分, 阅读, 说和写).


学生 with relevant previous study at HND or degree level or extensive experience may be considered eligible for Accreditation of Prior Learning.

可能会进入该课程的二年级或三年级, 取决于所获得的资格或经验. 学分也可以给个别模块.


学生学习同等学历, 或者低于, 他们已经拥有的资格不再由HEFCE资助.

The University reserves the right to charge higher tuition fees for such students.




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